Supports for Parents - Ideas to make life easier when you are home with your child.

Our Trauma Informed Specialist, Jan Cain shares tips and insights.

Spanish subtitles available on these videos. / Estos videos está subtitulado en español.

Your feelings are normal. - During this difficult time, know that what you are feeling is perfectly normal. 

Cope and Calm - Jan Cain leads you through an activity that promotes ways to cope and calm.

Fun and easy activity for you and your kids. - A fun, easy to do activity for you and your child(ren) when they are wanting to get out of the house.

Flip your Lid - Learn about "flip your lid" or what to do when your child has a temper tantrum, and how you can stay calm. 

Meal Time - Learn how to teach your child to stay at the table during meals, even when your child has a lot of energy and wants to run.

Circle Time - You and your child can watch to re-create school and enjoying circle time. This is something you and your child can do at home.

Keep the Kids Moving!

25 Ways to Keep Your Child Active

25 Ways to Keep Your Child Active - Spanish